(翻譯: Margaret Chen)


A galvanometer is a device for measuring the flow of an electric current. (From Galvani, a professor of physiology at Bologna, and meter, measure.)

在這個時代,電子產品已進入到我們意想不到的領域裡。沒有人能夠想像電腦和手機會變得這麼有用,但這還能持續多久呢? 我曾經以為電動牙刷已經是電子科技的極限了,但後來我又看到了電腦控制的馬桶……

In this day and age, electricity has found its way into our lives in the most unexpected areas. Nobody could have imagined how useful computers and cellphones would become, but how far can it go? I thought electric toothbrushes were pushing the limit once, but then I saw a computer controlled toilet seat….. 繼續閱讀

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DIY 木頭玩具坦克車

(翻譯: Margaret Chen)


Last winter one of our students who had made practically everything, suggested making a
small wooden tank. It was basically an exercise in woodworking techniques. This is how it evolved… 繼續閱讀

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學生地震學研究站 – 利用音效卡來紀錄地震儀和磁力計

(翻譯: Margaret Chen)

註: Seimology = 地震學 (研究地震的學科)
Seismometer = 地震儀 (測量地震的儀器)
Magnetometer = 磁力計 (測量磁場的儀器)
(Seismology = the study of earthquakes
Seismometer = device for measuring earthquakes
Magnetometer = device for measuring magnetic fields)


One cannot ordinarily record earthquakes via a computer sound card as they don’t respond much to the slow vibrations experienced in earthquakes. However, with some cheap electronic trickery and clever software, it can be done, and very adequately for the purposes of study. The seismometer above, made by a high school student, in its first night of testing recorded this local 3.8 quake – a magnitude 1 in Taipei:


(click on the pictures for larger versions)


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(Graphics Interchange Format, “GIF" is a computer image format that has become popular on the Internet.)


It’s not very difficult to get children interested in computers. (What an understatement.) And if one hopes that their interest can be channeled into something useful, this is a fun way to start. Animated GIFs are a great way to create interesting web pages, blogs email attachments etc., and the ability to create them will be a useful skill in any future Internet-related career.  It’s not hard to learn how to make them. I’m describing here how I have made them on the Linux operating system. I use it for two main reasons:

1) 這是一套免費使用的軟體,所以我們不用去下載盜版軟體,樹立不良的示範。

1) It is all freely available software, so one will not be tempted to use pirated software and set a bad example.

2) 很少有小孩對這套軟體熟悉,所以他們也比較不容易受喜歡的電動玩具或是聊天程式等等影響而分心。

2) Children are rarely familiar with it so they will not be distracted by their favorite games, chat programs etc.


These were some of my students’ first attempts.

Jonathan 的桌球手 繼續閱讀
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Several classes were run this summer. Once again we found it very difficult to get the students to go home at the end of the two and a half hour course periods. It seems they just can’t get enough of this! Here is a summary of their activities:

Most of the projects required some woodwork so a lot of sawdust was flying around in the beginning.





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(翻譯: Margaret Chen)

這項作品利用了各式各樣的材料和技術來完成: 木工、電子學、如果需要的話—-電腦軟體、以及密碼。

This project utilizes a wide variety of materials and technologies: woodwork, electronics, computer software if desired, and the code itself.


Morse code is still used by many amateur radio operators. One can also still find military, maritime and aviation applications for it. Pilots, for example, need to know it so they can recognize the location code sent out by radio beacons.

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Ox head Egyptian hieroglyph

The letter "A" developed over the millenia from an Egyptian hieroglyph for an ox head


While at home in Taipei, Taiwan, recently (two weeks ago actually) I reviewed some of the Chinese characters that I had studied all those years ago when I was in Taiwan studying Mandarin. I was reviewing some characters and recalled that they were (or their basic elements were) really just pictures of something. An example of this is the Chinese character 水 (shui) which is a picture of a stream of running water. 繼續閱讀

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(翻譯:Margaret Chen)


The last thing you want in your house is a TV.

身為一個60年代的小孩—在我們有電視之前—每到夜晚,客廳通常是活動最多最熱鬧的地方。儘管有七個小孩,我們的家庭並不吵鬧。除了一件事情,客廳裡有很多活動同時進行: 烹調實驗、飛機模型、打牌、桌上遊戲 (如西洋棋等遊戲)、和一群寵物玩耍……等等,數都數不完。

As a child in the 60’s, before we got a TV, our living room at night was normally a hive of activity. We weren’t a noisy family, in spite of there being seven kids, but there was a lot going on: cooking experiments, model planes, playing cards or board games, lots of pets to play with and a hundred and one other things. 繼續閱讀

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DIY 木頭玩具電子馬達伸縮起重機

這項作品和電子四輪驅動車有點類似。在製作過程中,學生不但要利用木工和電子,傳動裝置的輪軸比例概念也包含在其中。製作起重機需有更進一步的思考: 我們可以觀察到轉盤直徑的大小會如何影響到起重的速度和功率,以及藉由兩個滑輪組合可以得到非常有用的機械效益原則。學校裡教導給孩子這些原理時,普遍對他們來說,這不是很容易理解添加的滑輪是如何增加起重功率和減低速度的概念。最普遍的現象,就是他們為了通過考試,所以把那些公式都背下來,但考完試之後就全部都忘掉了。但如果他們自己去操作和製作一台玩具起重機,小朋友就可以觀察到當滑輪加上去時會發生什麼事的第一手資料。孩子們不用在去死記任何的公式,因為他們知道這些原理。

This project is similar to the 4WD car, not only in that the student is working with wood and electrics, but also that the concept of drive ratios is involved. The crane takes this a little further: one can observe how the winch diameter affects lifting speed and power, and the very useful principle of mechanical advantage gained by the two pulleys. When this is taught in schools, it is normally not easy for kids to really get it as a concept; how the addition of pulleys increases the lifting power and reduces the speed. More often than not they only wind up memorizing formulas so they can pass the test and forget about it. But by making and playing with one themselves, they can see first-hand what actually happens when you add pulleys. They no longer need to memorize anything – they just know it. 繼續閱讀

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( 翻譯:Margaret Chen)


This project gives some familiarity with electricity, motors and wiring. It also gets a child thinking about drive methods, gears/pulleys and their ratios, since the wheels are obviously turning much slower than the motor, power to the wheels being geared down in two stages. Another principle is that of friction and how rubber around the wheels results in more traction. All of these principles can be raised for discussion and further investigation if it seems appropriate for the student’s level. 繼續閱讀

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天氣熱起來了,附近公園角落裡,幾棵高大的鳳凰樹開滿了火紅的花,花瓣還掉滿一地。每次經過總是想起小學一、二年級時,在嘉義鄉間學校教室前的那棵鳳凰樹,下課時間,男同學爬到樹上折斷花朵茂盛的樹枝扔下來,女同學則在樹下爭著撿這些樹枝,把新鮮花朵摘下來,做出一隻隻美麗的鳳凰花蝴蝶,夾在課本裡的美好回憶。 繼續閱讀

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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2qHvJVBmqg&w=425&h=349]

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(點選圖片以觀看全圖)(Click on photos to see full size image.)

理論 Theory

像這類的磁力計,可以偵測得到地球磁場中些微的改變。它在監測這些改變時是很有用的。它可以預測那些會危害到我們生命的自然現象的發生。舉例來說,一些太陽的活動,可能會使我們的通訊和工電系統產生中斷。大地震在來臨之前,會產生磁場的改變。(這原本是為了偵測地震而和 search coil magnetmeter project 所做的連結實驗。)

A magnetometer such as this can detect small changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. It can be useful to monitor these changes as they may indicate the occurrence of natural phenomena that can influence our lives. Certain kinds of solar activity for example, have the potential to disrupt communications and power systems. Large earthquakes are also known to produce magnetic changes prior to their arrival. (This project was originally intended to work in conjunction with the search coil magnetometer project for predicting earthquakes.) 繼續閱讀

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當我兒子還在讀小學三年級時,有一天,他下課回家就顯得悶悶不樂,問道:「媽媽,甚麼叫『用XX投降』?」我正在忙,聽到「投降」兩字,想以短時間處理,就很快地解釋:「『投降』就是兩邊士兵打仗,輸的一方…..。」並把雙手舉高示範投降的動作給他看,心想這樣明白了吧!誰知眼前的他立刻生氣地嚷道:「不是啦!是用膝蓋投降啦!」我一著急,不但雙手舉高再加雙膝一跪:「這就是用膝蓋投降」,他更生氣了。 繼續閱讀

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曾經問過一群小學三、四年級的小朋友:「你們都讀過『社會』科了,那甚麼是『社會』呢?」起先,大家都愣住了。慢慢的,有人回答:「社會是一個科目。」另外兩人回答:「就是像社會課本那樣。」「學校會考的一個科目。」其中幾個答說:「不知道」另外幾個只微微笑、搖搖頭或聳聳肩。終於有一個孩子說:「我知道,『社會』就像外面街上我們所看到的那樣,很多人在活動….。」 繼續閱讀

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